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We seek partners who embrace our vision for swift, cost-effective, evidence-based care, acknowledging the inadequacy of conventional approaches for today's workforce.

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Mental health has become a standard benefit for all

Mentions of “Mental Health” in Earnings Reports
0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 13 16 13 25 10 13 18 20 11 24 19 37 34 149
Source: Milliman Research Report, 2020
Estimated 1 in 3 people

may have a behavioral health need
as a result of COVID-19


additional healthcare costs are generated by workplace-related stress at US companies


of employees feel it’s important for their employer to offer more mental health benefits.

2/3 of people

with mental health conditions don’t receive the care they need

Ensure consistent
mental health care
quality across your

Understand your clients' mental health risk profiles