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Ways to Set Strong Work-Life Boundaries

Work and life are more intertwined than ever thanks to a drastic rise in remote work and an increasing dependency on technology.

But working from home doesn't mean working from bed. Are you guilty of this?

This is why it's important to have a separate workspace and not work from your bed or couch.

Additionally, having a separate workspace helps shift our mindset from work to rest. But now that remote work has become the norm, there are new concerns that we are facing. Video chatting with your boss from your living room can feel invasive. Virtual communication channels between home and work are constantly open, creating blurrier boundaries. If you have children at home or are caring for an elderly loved one, it often feels like you’re juggling several jobs at once.

Although working remotely does have its perks, it is essential to create strong boundaries to maintain your physical and mental health.

Here are 5 ways to set strong work-life boundaries.

1. Build physical boundaries

When setting work-life boundaries, sometimes setting a physical boundary can be incredibly helpful. Designate an area in your home that would work as an office.

2. Focus On Three Priority Activities Per Day

Priorities change every single day.

3. Communicate Upfront

Once you have your priorities and values in place, communicate them. This can be as simple as letting your team know that you do not answer emails after 7:00 p.m.

4. (Actually) Take Time Off

Another great way to set boundaries is by taking your time off—when you get it, when you need it, and when it’s offered.

5. Understand Your Self-Care Needs

Be clear on what you need to stay healthy and operate optimally (in other words, self-care). Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial to your mental health and should take priority.

If you need an accountability partner to help you set clear and strong boundaries to help strengthen your mental health, our mental health coaches can help.

Drop us a message or book an appointment with us today.


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