Kim Castro
November 24, 2022

Finding the Right Provider for You

Healthcare is frustrating— and expensive. Anyone overcoming depression and anxiety deserves better.

Wellnite is your ally through it all — we clear away the complexity so you can focus on your care, and get exceptional treatment from the comfort of your home. You can forget about unexpected costs, traveling distances, or dealing with your insurance.

Why Seeking Therapy is Important for Your Mental Health

Many of us are brought up not used to talking about our feelings. We often feel ashamed when we have feelings of sadness, anger, or confusion which makes us skeptical about asking for help. Unfortunately, negative attitudes and beliefs toward people who have mental health conditions are still rampant. Although the general perception of mental illness has improved in recent years, according to studies, the stigma against those with mental illness and the need to seek help through counseling is still powerful.

We’re here to assure you that you are not alone. The stigma around mental health and seeking help cause people to feel ashamed for something that is out of their control. Worst of all, this stigma prevents people from seeking the help they need.

We can fight the stigmas surrounding mental health by contributing in our own ways, and the first step to it is by taking care of ourselves first. Seeking professional help is essential for those struggling with their mental health.

Benefits of Seeking Therapy

One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that it’s only intended to treat serious clinical mental illness or to help alleviate the most severe traumas. The beauty of therapy that we need to see is that everyone is welcome and no one is any more or less deserving of therapy.

There is no ranking of problems that only allows specific persons to go to therapy. It is designed to help with nearly every aspect of life, from the seemingly “small” issues to the most devastating of traumas.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from therapy even if you don’t have a mental illness:

  1. Learn to love yourself
  2. Make the good things in your life great
  3. Navigate big life choices
  4. Express yourself in a healthy way
  5. Build better relationships

Therapy can be a great way to explore and understand the issues we navigate every day. This includes the decisions at work, at home, in relationships, or in life in general.

Where to Find Providers: Therapists and Mental Health Coaches

At Wellnite, we partnered with different insurance companies where you can have access to our mental health coaches and licensed therapists. You can find a care provider by heading over to the website of each insurance company.

Here are a few notes when searching for a care provider:

1. Member Login

Log in to your account to get the most accurate, personalized search results based on your plan. You’ll see details that may help you lower healthcare costs.

  • Doctors in your plan network
  • Doctor reviews and ratings
  • Cost estimates

2. Guest Search

Even if you’re not a member, you can search for doctors, hospitals, and other providers.

A few other options when searching for a provider is to filter your search by one or more of the following:

  • Provider’s name: You may input your provider’s last name or full name if you have a specific provider you want to work with.
  • Doctor’s specialty, Provider Type, or Service Description: You may refine your search results even further by using the available filters.
  • Type of Plan: You may filter your search even further by selecting the type of plan you need. Select a plan/network to limit search results to the plan’s in-network providers.
  • State, Network, Location, or Zipcode: In some insurance company websites, it’s possible to input more than one location when searching.
  • Distance/Radius from your current location: You may adjust the distance/miles for your search
  • Browse by Category
  • Cost Estimates: This may be for members only.
  • Medical Care: Find general doctors, specialists, hospitals, urgent care centers, group practices, labs, and more.
  • Urgent Care Center
  • Behavioral Health: Treatment for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Additionally, to see all Wellnite providers, type Wellnite or Wellnite Medical Group.

Wellnite is in network with the biggest insurance companies in the country. Our team will help check your eligibility. Fill out this form to get started:

In a Nutshell

If you are struggling with anxiety or your mental health in general, please feel free to reach out. We help you and your providers hurdle the insurance barriers so you both can focus on what matters the most, you!

At Wellnite, we believe that people already go through so much and no one needs the extra challenge of our complex healthcare system. Once you find what treatment works best for you, life should be a lot more enjoyable and a lot less daunting.

Your mental health matters.
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