Biohacking The System: an Interview with Brittany Ford

We are thrilled to be joined by Brittany Ford (she/her), entrepreneur and holistic wellness expert.

Brittany’s business, Biohacking Brittany, centers on a wholesome approach to health and wellness that takes into consideration all aspects of life. We are so inspired by Brittany’s practical, optimistic take on health, and are so pleased that she was able to join us for a quick chat! Read on to find out more about biohacking, Brittany’s journey to therapy, and why you should definitely try out the sauna the next time you can safely do so.

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This interview is part of Wellnite’s series of eye-opening interviews offering varied perspectives on health and wellness. There is no singular path to wellbeing, and we are so thankful to be joined by our amazing guests. The views expressed in the following interview are the participant’s own, and are not indicative of Wellnite’s stance on mental health and wellness. This interview has been edited only for length and clarity.