We Are Here For You.

You are facing most of the burden of an unprecedented crisis. 
Let us help you as you help others.

We Salute You.

Difficult times help us define who we are.

A challenge is a learning opportunity to help us become a better version of ourselves, but we know the emotional and psychological burden is too harsh.

For most of you tele-medicine is not the only work you do. Going to work at your clinical setting is scary, still you go. Going back home after being in a very stressful environment is not easy either. We cannot imagine how hard is the fear of exposing your family members and friends to the risk of getting infected by the virus while some colleagues are falling fatally ill.

Empathy & Mental Health Support.

We want to help as much as we possibly can.

Chat-based messaging sessions have already proven to help a lot of Wellnite members. What they like;

  • Flexible messaging can happen over the phone, so there's no excuses not to chat.

  • Easy, appointments can be booked at any time and since it is a chat-based session, it can happen privately anywhere.

  • On top of that, you have dedicated 30 min. of a top-tier mental health coaching team. 

Go on try it!

Donnalyn Velasco

Mental Health Coach

As a mental health coach, I’ve worked with many members who have expressed anxiety and depression all through chat. I encourage them to discuss their emotional needs and past experiences. 


At Wellnite, I listen to our members and ask questions to help them understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives and cope with difficult situations. 


Mindfulness & Video-Calls with Licensed Therapists.

Some of you may need extra support. No problem. We're here to provide as much help as we possibly can.

Video-calls with licensed therapists are also available and at discounted price.

Text us "WHEEL" at (866) 365-7751 you will have access to discounted video-calls sessions of 30 minutes with licensed therapists at $60 per session.

Iamina Stoian


I am a Mental Health Counselor licensed in the state of New York (LMHC). I have experience working with people of varying ages and diagnoses in both the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). I’m passionate about helping humans in the Mental Health field. I have years of experience facilitating different group therapy sessions, and individual counseling sessions.

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