Jariva King

Addiction/Substance Abuse,ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder),Anger Management,Grief (Loss),Professional (Career Issues),Anxiety,Depression,Adjustment Disorder,Self-esteem,Adolescent Issues,Stress Management,PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder),HOMELESSNESS,Divorce Recovery
Therapy types
Cognitive Processing (CPT),Acceptance and Commitment (ACT),Clinical Supervision and Licensed Supervisors,Motivational Interviewing,Mindfulness-Based (MBCT),Coaching,Music Therapy
Hello, I am Jariva King with over 5 years of Social Work experience providing counseling to clients in need.  I earned my Masters in Social Work from the University of Alabama and my Bachelors from University of Southern Miss. I've worked in many different clinical settings ever since. I am passionate and empathetic therapist with strong counseling abilities and an understanding of interpersonal familial relationships. I have experience leading clients through homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, psychological episodes, crisis intervention, and many other issues. Through clinical experience, compassion, and empathy I support and assist those willing to make a positive difference in their lives. I pride myself in providing a safe and supportive space, to work side by side to overcome traumas, and barriers. I specialize in addressing trauma, addictions, abuse, and neglect among other circumstances. I am fully committed to listen and offer my best professional practices to help you. 
Degree: Masters of Social Work Official College/University Name: University of Alabama Dates: 05/2019- 08/2020 Degree: Bachelor’s of Social Work Official College/University Name: University of Southern Miss Dates: 08/2015-05/2018
Work hours