Resheta Eggleston

Addiction/Substance Abuse,Anger Management,Grief (Loss),Stress Management,Friend Issues,Professional (Career Issues),Depression,Romantic Partner Issues,Anxiety,ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder),Family Issues,Bipolar Disorder,Adjustment Disorder,Self-esteem,Multicultural,HOMELESSNESS,Domestic Violence Victims,Adolescent Issues
Therapy types
Coaching,Compassion Focused,Dialectical (DBT),Emotionally Focused,Strength-Based,Solution Focused Brief (SFBT),Motivational Interviewing,Christian Counseling,Culturally Sensitive,Multicultural,Person-Centered
Hello, I am Resheta! I'm a licensed social worker, with 8 years of social work practice and experience in many areas including counseling to clients in need.  I earned my Master of Social Work degree in 2015, and I've worked in many different clinical settings since earning my degree.  I am a compassionate and empathetic therapist with strong counseling abilities and an understanding of interpersonal relationships. I pride myself in providing a safe and supportive space, to work side by side with you to overcome traumas, and barriers. The treatment modalities which I like to utilize are client centered and strength-based modalities. The client centered approach means you, as my client, take a more active and directive role in your healing process. Person-centered therapy gives clients the chance to work toward self-realization. Strength-based therapy is a form of therapy that encompasses taking a more positive worldview. The primary focus is on a client’s strengths rather than weaknesses or setbacks. I, as your therapist, will provide compassionate, empathetic guidance, listening and provide feedback in a non-judgmental manner all while exploring your unique life circumstances and experiences. I am fully committed to listening and offering my best professional practices to help you. As a Licensed social worker, I enjoy enhancing the lives of these individuals by increasing their independence, improving their overall quality of life, and making their life more meaningful. Furthermore, as your therapist, I wish to achieve the same success by providing you with the tools you need to manage life’s everyday stressors.  Thank you for taking the first step and for allowing me to be part of this very important journey. I Look forward to meeting you!
Degree: Master of Social Work Official College/University Name: University of Akron Dates: 08/2013 - 05/2015
Work hours