Agha Hussain

Addiction/Substance Abuse,Anxiety,Stress Management,Friend Issues,Professional (Career Issues),Faith Issues,Depression, LGBTQ Identity,Romantic Partner Issues,Self-esteem,ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder),Adjustment Disorder,Multicultural,Identity Issues,Adolescent Issues,Bipolar Disorder,Family Issues
Therapy types
Motivational Interviewing,Positive Psychology,Compassion Focused,Forensic Psychology,Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),Culturally Sensitive,Strength-Based,Multicultural,Person-Centered
Hello, my name is Agha! I'm an Urdu and English speaking Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate (LPC-A) with about 2+ years of experience in Counseling/Therapy and 3+ years of experience in the field of Psychology. I earned my Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston-Main Campus and my Masters of Arts in Forensic Psychology from University of Houston-Victoria. I shortly after took and passed my National Counselor Examination (NCE) and became an LPC-A. I've worked in many different clinical settings since I began my counseling journey. These would include inpatient psychiatric hospitals, adolescents, with those who have struggles in substance abuse (both alcohol and controlled substances), anxiety, depression, those in the criminal system, and a wealth of other clients. I currently specialize in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with skills in Motivational Interviewing (M.I.). My approach is more client-centered form of psychology, based off the teachings of Carl Rogers, as I believe the person always comes first. I like to put much emphasis as well on Positive Psychology, as I think your positives should be given precedence as well. I pride myself on being emphatic and patient, and wanting to make sure you are heard and that all situations in your life no matter how tiny or how large are given the same amount of love and care to ensure the development of positive change. I will never turn a blind eye to the needs of my clients, and I am here to tell you I am here for you. I am accepting of all backgrounds, and any conversation or topic no matter how difficult it may be to talk about or taboo, I am willing to talk about and help you, the individual, process through it. I pride myself on my openness and want you to always feel comfortable. I am a big believer in catharsis, as humans we take and tolerate so much with no outlet to release it, like a clogged emotional drain that needs to let out everything it holds in. During our meetings, I am here to be the person to help you finally empty out those emotional woes and help find release and relief! Thank you very much for considering me and I look forward to meeting/working with you! Agha Hussain, M.A., LPC-A
Degree: Master of Forensic Psychology Official College/University Name: University of Houston-Victoria Dates: 08/2019 - 06/2021 Degree: Bachelors of Science in Psychology Official College/University Name: University of Houston-Main Campus Dates: 08/2015 - 05/2018
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