“Give yourself permission to let go of the things you can’t control while embracing the empowering energy of being in control of how you think and feel.”

- Shaka Senghor

Mental Health is now more important than ever.

As former Executive Director for Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) an organization that helps incarcerated individuals re-enter their communities more prepared than when they left.


Shaka Senghor is very aware that such transition can really challenge ones mental health.  


That’s why Shaka and Wellnite are partnering together bring awareness to the mental health space by providing FREE Mental Health Coaching.

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Mental Health Awareness is one of the most important challenges of our times. Ending stigma is vital for our society to keep up and thrive through a fast paced and continuously changing environment. Help us spread the word and create MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS.

Help spread the word and create awareness!


About Wellnite

Our mission is to make high-quality mental healthcare accessible to 
everyone regardless of zip code or insurance coverage. We believe in a 
personalized approach based on science and medical expertise. We make 
it accessible and frictionless for you to take action and overcome anxiety 
and depression.

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