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Viktor Cortese


I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor and I work primarily with adults dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, relationships, and health crises. My approach to therapy is a strength based and client-centered. I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches to meet the unique needs of each individual. In my practice, I strive to create a safe, nurturing environment based on empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

I believe that every struggle in life has its meaning. My own life’s challenges helped me actualize new personal values and become a more authentic version of myself. These core values have influenced my approach to helping others, and I often find meaning-centered interventions to be very effective. Instead of focusing solely on a diagnosis, I work to see the whole person, to understand them deeply, and to explore some of the existential fears that can create problems and roadblocks in someone’s life. Unlocking a new sense of meaning enables them to overcome those problems to achieve a better way of life.


Master of Science, Mercy College, 2015 / BA, Psychology, Mercy College, 2013.

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(341) 888-7637

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