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Shandi Michael


I specialize in treating trauma and the self worth struggles that come from PTSD.

Finding this career path has been a wild ride of different jobs, working as a medical assistant, doing body piercing and managing a tattoo shop, and working as a psychiatric technician at the state hospital.

During all these changes I also married, had two kids, started college (again), got divorced, got remarried, started graduate school, and had another kid.

In my personal life I am the proud mom of three boys, two goldendoodles, and four cats. I am spiritual but not religious, having an open mind is one of my core values as a person. Helping people heal is my life calling and I am hopeful you will reach out to me!


Masters of Science Clinical mental health counseling University of Phoenix, Bachelors of science in Human Services Management

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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