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Sally Duerr-Rodriguez


My name is Sally Duerr Rodriguez, M.S, LMHC . I am a State Licensed Mental Health Professional in Florida and New Jersey. I see adolescents, adults, and families. I am an active team member in a DBT program for adolescents, adults, and parents. I treat adolescents and adults with the full range of eating disorders in our Eating Recovery Program . I am certified in CBT-E and have a certificate in DBT Foundational and DBT for Adolescents.

My specialties include substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, stress, relationship difficulties, and grief.
I believe that evidence-based techniques are the most effective and this is why I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I use techniques for teaching coping skills for body image and self esteem. I also believe that the client has the most insight and the most knowledge of him or herself so I incorporate person-centered, and solution-focused approaches. I truly believe your thoughts have power over your perceptions and behaviors, and with increased mindfulness and self-awareness it is possible to tune in to the source of the discord. From there, one can develop effective coping skills and strategies to help get back on track.

Confucius says that the longest journey starts with a single step. . I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you find a solution to your situation.


Master in Counseling (MC)
St. Thomas University

Indiana University

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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