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Robinson St. Victor


I am warm, compassionate, supportive, understanding and caring person. Those qualities have made it easy for people to share their deepest emotional issues with me as they search for a path to cope and manage some of life's challenging circumstances. Society tends to see and be accepting of the impact of physical challenges on the life of an individual. However, most people cannot see or understand the debilitating effects that traumatic emotional issues can have on the life of a person.

I am an eclectic portioner with a spiritual perspective on health and wellness. After Spending 20 years of my life providing supportive counseling to severe and persistent mentally ill individuals with a history of substance use, I've learned that a number of maladaptive behaviors are a product of unresolved emotional issues. I am here to help people take vital steps in addressing potentially life changing emotional concerns.


Masters of Arts (MA)

Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University

September 1991 to September 1993

Brooklyn , NY

Language Spoken

Hattian Creole

(341) 888-7637

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