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Robin Krupp


It would be important for people I provide services, to know that I am very open and to the point. Even if you don't like my advice I will still be honest with you. I hold compassion for individuals who maybe experiencing any emotional distress/trauma. I will encourage one to always find a strength from within, because I believe we all have more strengths than we give ourselves credit for. Nothing is insurmountable in life, we may need to work on ourselves to be in a space we desire. Everyone deserves to be complete and not judged.

I have been working in the social work field for the last 33 years. I enjoy the opportunity of working with individuals and families in a variety of settings. I have diverse experience that includes working individuals who have developmental disabilities ages 4- 80 years old. I very much enjoyed working for our Veterans as a Mental Health Lead in an Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation and Detox program, providing mental health assessment/diagnosis, individual and group therapies, medication monitoring and suicide prevention/intervention. I have also worked with homeless Veterans in Texas, by assisting secure housing, mental /physical services they may need. Currently I work for my local school district, providing psychotherapy to students ages 12-21 years old.Key components of building a therapeutic alliance with a client, would be to provide mental health services that would make a client feel safe. Meaning, what we discuss and process is in a professionally safe place for a client to share their experiences, goals and feelings and not be judged. We would work together to determine goals, in which a client desires to focus on, goals that would enable them to feel progress and/or fulfillment in their life. Helping the client to have a sense of empowerment versus vulnerability.


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