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Rachel Thomas


Freshman year of high school is when I realized I wanted to counsel people who were looking for answers and I pursued it. Moving from giving fellow classmates advice on their relationships, to majoring in psychology in undergraduate studies, to pursuing clinical social work in graduate school, to becoming a Licensed Master's Social Worker, I took the steps necessary to ensure I traveled the path leading to what I believed was more than a desire; I believed counseling was my calling in life. I have found myself working with a wide range of struggles I see clients with, but find myself most interested in "complex trauma". As the term suggests, this sort of trauma is complex that occurred more than once and over time impacting many areas of an individual's life. The purpose of therapy is to create a safe space to explore struggles an individual experiences often that negatively impact one's life; where it came from, what keeps it going, and how to overcome them. I have learned three of the most important things therapy needs in order to work is mutual trust from the client and therapist, effort, and consistency. With these, those struggles can be overcome.


Minnesota State University, Mankato - BS Psychology - 08/2010 to 05/2013;
Simmons University - MSW - 08/2014 to 09/2018

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(341) 888-7637

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