Melody Blighton


My name is Melody Blighton!
I am a Licensed Master Social Worker(LMSW). I provide Individual, Family and Group therapy to clients in need. I earned my Bachelor degree in Social work from East Carolina University in 2011 and my Masters of Social work from the University of New England in 2014. I have experience providing therapy in multiple environments including; schools, telehealth and clinic based locations. I am passionate about providing a supportive, validating and welcoming therapeutic environment for all clients I serve. I have strong clinical background in Dialectical Behavioral therapy(DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT, and various other clinical skills to provide the best clinical intervention for each client based on need. I believer therapy is a collaborate approach where client and therapist work together to meet client chosen goals. I am dedicated to providing a safe, validating and judgment free space for therapy. I have experience providing therapy for a variety of diagnoses and general concerns including but not limited to; generalized anxiety, Borderline Personality disorder, Post traumatic stress disorder, trauma, phase of life problems, difficulty regulating emotions, self-harm and thoughts in children, families, adolescents and young adults.
I am committed to providing the best therapeutic intervention and to work along side you as the client to meet your goals. Thank you for taking the first step and allowing me to be a part of your therapeutic journey.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Melody Blighton, LMSW


Master of Social Work 2012-2014 at The University of New England

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