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Malissa Allen


I am an empathic and transparent counselor who uses a combination of therapies to help clients identify the root of their issues. Once identified, I encourage clients to address and resolve past and present conflicts (personal, familial, career related,...etc) that impede optimal functioning. As a result, clients actively engage in activities, which assist in insight development, increased self-confidence, and improved self-esteem.

I am experienced with diverse clientele, and firmly believe that no client is alike regardless of shared diagnoses, symptoms, or situational factors. Therefore, the focus is solely on helping clients to achieve personalized goals by encouraging commitment, practice, and ongoing maintenance.

Therapeutic modalities include: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Solution-focused, and Dialectical behavioral therapy.

I have worked as a mental health specialist/counselor/therapist, and consultant in various community-based organizations, outpatient hospital clinics, private practice, incarcerated settings, and telemedicine.


MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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