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Kelli Murphy-Small



I am certificated as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) from Missouri. I have provided mental health services for the past 30 years. I started in the public school system, as a School Counselor. Later, I became a Supervisor of School Counselors and concurrently taught at the university level to assist college students to become counselors. While I was a School Counselor, I completed the requirements for LPC. This knowledge was extremely helpful for the years I worked in schools and private practice. I was able to transition those skills from school easily to exclusively private practice. I have worked as a private practice or agency counselor for the past 15 years. I find both environments equally enjoyable. Providing guidance to help you become a better you makes me happy too.

My approach to counseling stems from a theoretical background of Client Centered Therapy. My belief, in human kind, tells me that at times we all have obstacles in our path that are stopping us from being our “best self”. “Client Centered Therapy” method utilizes the term "self-actualized". This term is actually fancy talk for, "I am happy with who I am and where I am in my world”. Many times that is easier said than done but we an work together to reach that goal.

We will make a great team working on the stressors that you find the most important. I enjoy working with people of all ages. I am able to assist with frustrated parents that need parenting assistance or are struggling with their role as a parent/spouse/significant other. I work with teens that need help finding their path, whether that is in the LGBQT+ Community, the academic community or the difficulties that accompany a young person as they grow and develop into happy productive adult. For the adult population, I will provide a sounding board for men and women as you navigate this world. I offer unbiased reflection to your emotions and what I see as roadblocks for your growth. The teamwork between the two of us helps you get that “best self” back on track.

You have come this far in reading my general profile. Just do the next step and sign up. If not with me, find someone that fits you. YOU are looking for help. Now, trust that you are in a safe place to find the RIGHT person for you.


Education Specialist Human Services-Play Therapy Emphasis
University of Central Missouri
500 S. Maguire St., Warrensburg, MO 64093

Master of Science-K-12 Guidance and Counseling
University of Central Missouri
500 S. Maguire St., Warrensburg, MO 64093

Bachelor of Music Education-K-12 Vocal Music
University of Central Missouri
500 S. Maguire St., Warrensburg, MO 64094

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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