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Jennifer Solarz


Hello! My name is Jenny. I am an LCSW, and I have been working in mental health for 6

Six years. I do individual therapy and I work with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, life transitions and stress.

I have a Master in Social Work with an emphasis on mental health from University of Southern California. I have worked in schools, homes and hospitals with all ages, although currently I only work with ages 18 and over.

Tired of feeling anxious, stressed, depressed? Are you just trying to get through the day and want to be excited about tomorrow? I am here to help you get through that, you don't have to do it alone, and you certainly don't have to feel that way anymore. I will want to make sure you feel welcome and respected in your sessions with me. I want to make sure you reach your mental health goal, find resolution, and have skills to take with you when your done with therapy.

I will be excited to work you!


Master of social work
University of Southern California
Bachelor of sociology
Hayward University

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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