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Hasani Edwards


Graduate of Binghamton University 2009, Hasani Edwards has earned his degree, and is an established Licensed Master of Social Worker. He has also established himself as a seasoned Therapist for families, couples, individuals and children within New York City’s community. Hasani has provided therapeutic services to families for over 10 years help. Mental health is a key component for increased quality of life. Today’s society is coping with the challenges of navigating mental health crisis within themselves and their loved ones. It is a privilege to help individuals with these challenges. My goal is to empower individuals through strength based and solution focused therapy. My background is child development, individual therapy and couple’s therapy. My purpose is to create a safe environment that harnesses self-expression and healing, so clients may navigate life with mental clarity. Allow me to help you through life’s difficulty journey.


Binghamton University

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(341) 888-7637

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