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Douglass Lobo


Dr. Lobo is an educated, experienced, and licensed mental health professional. Dr. Lobo currently works on a college campus and has several resources that assist students in managing their anxiety, reducing their stress, appropriately expressing their anger, and regulating their mood. Dr. Lobo is skilled with couples and helps them improve their overall relationship. Dr. Lobo has expertise in working with individuals with ADHD. Dr. Lobo operates a thriving private practice.

Counseling is not a miracle cure or a magic wand; however, sometimes talking to an objective individual and sharing your thoughts and feelings can be highly therapeutic and liberating, and getting non-judgmental feedback and guidance can be extremely helpful in navigating life’s issues. Many times things can begin to be sorted out in a couple of sessions.

I know that the most important element in counseling is that you feel comfortable with your counselor and that you can connect and relate with them. Both my personal and professional mantra is, be positive, be patient, and be persistent. My job as a counselor is to support and encourage you, and if need be, to gently confront you in order to help you to achieve your goals, and to be your best self.


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(341) 888-7637

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