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Desiree Lewis


My clients often say, “I’m not sure why but I feel comfortable talking to you, I’ve never told that to anyone before.” I believe they feel that way because I’m non-judgmental and truly believe that we all do the best we can in any situation. If we didn’t make the best choices, there is a reason behind it. We are all works in progress, myself included, we learn and we grow. If you are looking for a therapist to help you understand why you do what you do or why you keep winding up in the same positions at work or in your personal relationships, I can help you. Through clinical experience, compassion, and empathy I support and assist those willing to make a positive difference in their lives. I pride myself in providing a safe and supportive space, to work side by side to overcome traumas, and barriers. I specialize in substance use, addictions, PTSD, anxiety, depression, relational issues and chronic pain. I'm a trauma informed therapist that utilizes, CBT, DBT, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, SFBT, PIT and Person-Centered Therapy. Thank you for taking the first step and for allowing me to be part of this very important journey. If you are ready to take your power back, let’s work together. Looking forward to meeting you. Best, Desiree.


Master of Arts in Professional Counseling Argosy University, Phoenix, AZ 12/23/2005, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ, Graduate Certification in Health Psychology July 2019.

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(341) 888-7637

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