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Denise Mathewson


Hello! My name is Denise Mathewson, and I am a licensed master social worker with about three years of experience doing supportive and most recently clinical therapy to clients.

I am supportive of all world views and beliefs, but I personally identify as a Christian with traditional moral beliefs. I value freedom and the ability to make individual choices for oneself.

I earned my B.A. in Sociology from Houghton College many years ago. After nearly 25 years in the field of Child Welfare, I returned to Binghamton University and earned my M.S.W., graduating in 2016. My initial desire was to develop programs and work in a more macro setting, however, after working one on one with patients through a local hospital, I realized my love of providing individual therapy with clients.

During my course work I interned in a Psychiatric In patient hospital and provided one on one counseling and group therapy, focusing on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. That began my desire to not always focus on the trauma and past experiences in a person's life, but to focus on how to manage the intense emotions and challenges that inherently come from those experiences. DBT fits nicely in that process, as do Mindfulness techniques and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. I am currently working in a private practice using techniques within the areas of Internal Family Systems, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Positive Psychology. What I have learned most of all is that being present with my clients and giving them my full attention is most important while we are working together.

While I have learned that theories and techniques are very important in my practice with individuals, it is also important for me to compassionate and non-judgmental. You are the master of your destiny and have the ability to make healthy choices for yourself. It is my hope to come along side of you as a supportive partner as you better manage life. I see people as having many strengths, and believe that you possess many strengths as well. It is my hope that we can develop those strengths together so that you can better live life to the fullest.


Master of Social Work
SUNY Binghamton

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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