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Cindi Dardin-Box


Whatever stage of life you are currently in, is not the final stage. You have been drawn here for a reason and maybe you are considering taking that first step towards healing and feeling better. It has taken such courage for you to get to this point and I want to empower you to continue moving forward. You can do this!

Do you have difficulty remembering the last time you felt genuinely happy and at peace in your life? You may sometimes feel an overwhelming sense of sadness, guilt, shame and regret from experiences you have been through. You may feel depressed, anxious, confused and “stuck” in a repeating cycle of negative thoughts and emotions. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are influenced by our experiences and how we react to them. Self-limiting beliefs, such as we cannot do anything to improve our situation, can keep us in negative thought patterns and emotions which then can have a direct correlation to our reality. If we live our life in a depressed or fearful state, our reality will only reflect perceptions of our experiences and the world based in depression and fear. Do you find yourself attached to something unhealthy? It could be a relationship, a substance or a bad habit. You may not understand why you keep doing what you know isn’t good for you. Maybe others have expressed they are concerned about you. You may feel trapped in a cycle you cannot be freed from.

If you have ever thought, “There must be more than this,” then you are right. You have the power within you to manifest the greatest sense of happiness, love and peace than you ever felt possible. It is my mission to help you to identify those areas of life you wish and need to improve to achieve your goals. I will help you to find your inner strength and power to heal and transform your life. I will offer you a safe, supportive and positive environment to explore areas of your life that continue to impact you on a daily basis. You don’t have to be alone to navigate the challenges of life. I would be honored to be a part of your journey of healing, acceptance, self-love and building healthy relationships.


CSU, Chico

CSU, Bakersfield

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