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Cassie Holmes


Finding a path to healing and living a joy filled life can seem elusive, but there is hope. The human spirit is powerful and we continue to yearn for better despite the obstacles we encounter. Our sessions will focus on identifying those obstacles and challenging the thoughts and beliefs that support them.

My job as your therapist is to walk beside you with empathy, no judgment, and genuine care. Our time together will be a safe place to process buried feelings, work on acceptance, and learn new skills and tools to help you reach your goals. My approach is collaborative and based on my training and experience with trauma-informed models of care.

You have done a great job of surviving, now let me help you thrive and find the life you dream of! Trauma is often at the root of pain and there is no replacement for having a trained professional help you find that next benchmark on your journey to healing. Please allow me the privilege to be a part of your journey!


B.S. Human/Family Services, Southwestern Christian University, 2010-2013; Master's in Human Relations, University of Oklahoma, 2014-2016

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(341) 888-7637

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