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Caroline Pace


Hello, I am Caroline Pace.

I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor with 6 years of experience. Nontraditional with an authentic and keeping it real attitude and personality. Not your standard type of therapist.

These are difficult times we are living in right now. If your feeling overwhelmed, nervous, stressed, lacking confidence, tired or just stuck

You are not alone.

Authenticity centered is at the core of my practice. Come just as you are. No judgement, a safe place to express yourself and be heard.

I specialize in working people who are experiencing loneliness. Struggling with self-worth and purpose. These experiences and struggles often lead to feeling stressed, difficulty with relationships, loss of motivation, anxiousness, depression or low mood, irritability, anger, and feeling overwhelmed. Hope is real and change is possible.

My approach is collaborative, integrative, and individualized to fit with who you are. Methods may include, but are not limited to, Psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, Narrative, Adlerian, Coping Skills, grounding techniques, relaxation and mindfulness interventions, as well as communication skills and techniques to help create a more confident you.

There are many different tools to utilize. However, not every method or every tool is for everyone. The methods and tools utilized to best help you will be individually matched with your personality and style. This provides the best assurance that your needs will be met.

You can expect to be supported, encouraged, and challenged when necessary as you move forward on your journey of change.


M.S.-Mental Health Counseling-Addictions-Marriage and Family Therapy
Palm Beach Atlantic University

Master of Science (MS)
Palm Beach Atlantic University

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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