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Carolina Castillo


Im Bilingual English/Spanish speaking therapist with a Marriage and Family License, with 16 years of clinical experience, 11 years licensed and in private practice. I consider myself to be bi-cultural. Having been raised as a first generation American in a Latin family, I can identify with the the mentality of someone living within two "worlds". Transitioning from one culture to another with seemingly different values, beliefs and language. I can easily understand the struggle that maintaining, and existing in both, can sometimes be. I've come to perceive and appreciate it as the gift of having a "bridge" that allows connection to, and understanding of, different aspects of people and life. My education has a foundation in Clinical Psychology, woven with Holistic transpersonal themes, the hybrid between mind, body, and spirit, and just plain down to earth common sense. Always keeping in mind the client's personal beliefs and values. I consider therapy an art, as every individual, and even every session, can be different. I attempt to focus therapy on awareness of self, assisting you to know yourself, your own wants, needs and desires, how you envision yourself in future, and how I can help you to reach this vision. I offer non judgmental feedback based on my own analyzation, educated deductions, and intuitive feelings felt within the interaction. I tailor it to the individual and the current circumstances. Your therapy, life, and overall growth are in your control. I am here as guide, facilitator, source of support, and at times, devils advocate.


Doctor of Psychology (PSYD)
California Southern University
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
California Southern University
MA in Counseling Psychology
John F Kennedy University
BS in Industrial Psychology
California State University

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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