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Audrey George-Owens


Hello, I am Audrey George-Owens!

I'm a licensed social worker experienced in working with Individuals, families, and couples, with over 20 years of Behavioral Health experience building a solid clinical foundation and providing therapy through a psychoanalytical lens. She specializes in addressing and leading clients through General Mental Health, Anger Management, stress management, Professional (Career Issues), General Relationship Challenges (Family, Friends, Co-Workers), Depression, Domestic Violence Victims, Divorce Recovery, Romantic Partner Issues, Personality Disorders, and PTSD. I am trained in psychoanalysis, CBT, DBT, and holistic practices. I am a passionate and empathetic therapist with strong counseling abilities and an understanding of interpersonal familial relationships. I pride myself in providing a safe and supportive space to work side by side to overcome traumas and barriers. I am fully committed to listening and assisting you in building on your current strengths to meet your goals and foster growth and independence.

You can count on my empathetic and person-centered approach toward every conversation we participate in. Thank you for taking the first step and allowing me to join this Crucial journey.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Master of Social Work
Adelphi University

Master of Administration
Metropolitan College of NYC

Bachelor of Human Services
Metropolitan College of NYC

Language Spoken


(341) 888-7637

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