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We Can't Control What Others Think About Us

The unfortunate truth... that we can't control what others think about us.

Isn't that why placing our worth and identity into others' opinions of us can be so crippling?

When other people approve of you and your decisions? You feel great!

When other people disapprove of you? You feel disappointed.

When rain clouds come, we may feel down because a good day at the park might be ruined, but chances are we don't take it personally.

The clouds come as they will, go as they please, and probably aren't around just because they wanted to ruin your picnic.

What if we treated others' opinions of us and actions towards us the same way? And what if we committed harder to loving and caring for ourselves in those moments where the opinions of others seem to matter more than our own opinions about ourselves?

Never allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s opinion of you. Just keep moving forward.

How to Stop Letting Other People's Opinions Affect You

God has something stronger in you than the things trying to bring you down!

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Know yourself inside and out.

  2. Become the observer of your thoughts - not the reactor to them.

  3. Realize that their opinions are a reflection of themselves.

Instead of living your life worried about what others may think or feel about what you are doing, live your life to the best of your ability, with the things that are in your heart and not someone else's heart.

If you need help with these steps, talking to a trusted friend or loved one can help.

Additionally, talking to a professional therapist is another way to help you rid yourself of other people's opinions of you.

Happiness is found when you never allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s judgment about you.

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