Stories of COVID-19: Anxiety, My Old Friend

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I am currently in quarantine and have been for two months. I have had my ups and downs but my old friend anxiety has been with me through it all. I am new to town and just started getting out of my shell when the virus hit LA. My old friend had been quiet with the move, more than expected at least. I did so well. Now my old friend talks with me daily about every little thing.

I am new to town and had to get a new doctor, therapist, and psychiatrist. Old friend didn’t make the task easy. I was afraid to get a new doctor; I had been with mine for half my life before the move. My doctor knew everything. She was there with all my ups and downs of finding the right medicine to help control my old friend and my other ailments. I was terrified to trust someone new. I think that may have been one of the reasons I waited so long to get a new doctor. My old friend made it hard to pick up the phone and call insurance.

Once I did, my new doctor said I would need a psychiatrist to help manage my anxiety, depression, and bipolar. Mind you this is after the COVID19 hit so all of this is while in lockdown. The psychiatrist must be seen after seeing a therapist first with my insurance. Again my old friend helped me make that call