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Signs You Are Healing

One of the most prevalent and serious mental ailments is depression.

But what is depression, really?

It's important to know that depression isn’t the same as being sad.

We all feel sad and frustrated once in a while. It's part of being human. But depression is a more constant condition that comes from a biological basis. It is feelings of sadness or heaviness that prevail over a longer period of time.

Depression is a serious condition that causes a significant impact on your health and quality of life.

Here are the signs of depression:

That being said, not only is it important to detect the signs of depression but it is also essential to track your healing journey.

Signs You are Healing From Depression

Here are the signs that you are healing from your depression:

1. Better mood and appetite

Do you notice that you don't feel sad, down, or as heavy as often? Do you find yourself thinking more clearly? Do you also find your appetite has returned? If your symptoms of depression are improving, this is a positive sign.

2. Fewer bouts of anger

Depression can trigger sudden mood swings, which include bursts of anger. A person suffering from depression experiences bouts of anger and sudden mood swings which makes it difficult for them to rationalize or think clearly. However, once you start recovering, you'll experience fewer to no bouts of anger.

3. Increased daily activities

When a person is going through depression, he/she tends to sleep more, remain inactive, feel lethargic, and exhibit all signs of laziness. However, if you are starying to gain more energy to engage in daily activities, this means you are healing.

4. Enhanced social interactions

Going through depression also impacts your social life. But a sign that you are healing is enhanced social interactions, wherein the person will voluntarily step out of isolation and would feel at ease when around family, friends.

5. Resuming work

When you are going through depression, your professional life can also take a hit. But if you find yourself going back to work, interacting with colleagues and taking on responsibilities, then this is a good sign that you are healing.

Healing 🌸 is 🌼 happening.

Your hard work is paying off. Be it small or large, linear or non-linear, your healing is happening and every little thing that you are doing is paying off.

You might not be able to feel it or see it right now, but when you look back you'll spot the shoots that will eventually grow into a garden.

Keep watering them, and don't be afraid to spread your arms out to feel the warmth of the sun. ⠀

Depression can impact every area of your life, so it's helpful to know and tract your healing journey.

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