Kim Castro
October 19, 2022

Mental Benefits of Reading

Did you know that reading is actually therapeutic?

This is good news for all you bookworms! And for those who haven't gotten into the habit of reading, you'll want to check out this blog post.

When used in conjunction with other treatment methods, it's a great way to get some perspective and work through your circumstances in a creative way. ⠀

In addition to helping people build knowledge about the world around them, books can be therapeutic. Bibliotherapy is the process in which a book is prescribed to a person experiencing a real-world problem.

According to research, bibliotherapy has five clear benefits or functions:

1. To show the reader that others have experienced the same problem and they are not the first to do so;

2. To show the reader new solutions;

3. To help the reader understand the motivations people feel when faced with a similar problem;

4. To provide facts;

5. To encourage a realistic approach to problem-solving.

But does it need to be a mental health book?

Not at all! Narrative fiction, poetry, and short stories are all helpful as well!

Reading about the struggles and triumphs of a fictional character can help us work through our real-life journey, as can poetry that touches us deeply.

The conceptual nature of bibliotherapy is one you've maybe been practicing for years - we reach for the same book over and over knowing that it will raise our spirits. ⠀

Source: Psychology Today

Aside from reading, meditating, and exercising, another powerful way to release stress and tension is by talking to a trusted friend or loved one. If you need to release tension, sharing your thoughts and feelings is a great way to go.

It is also helpful to talk to a professional, and at Wellnite, we have therapists and mental health coaches that you can talk to.

If you are struggling with anxiety or your mental health in general, please feel free to reach out to our licensed mental health coaches.

Once you find what treatment works best for you, life should be a lot more enjoyable and a lot less daunting.

Your mental health matters.
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