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How to Spread Light to Yourself and Others

With so much going on in the world right now, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

In the past two years, a lot of us have spent more time inside than ever. Add that to the uncertainty we are all facing with everything happening around us, it's understandable why stress levels are on a high.

In addition, we can encounter negativity, hate, and prejudice in many different shapes and forms in our lives.

While things can get challenging and we all have our own hurdles to go through, it's important to find ways to still spread hope and light.

How will you spread light to yourself and to others today? Here are some suggestions to inspire you.

We each have the ability to let our light shine through and show up in our highest and best for ourselves and others.

Each day that we are given the gift of life, we are also given a purpose. Although we don't realize it, we are helping others in ways that we could never see or imagine. You never realize how much of a light you actually are for others.

If any of these resonate with you, let us know! What are your favorite ways to spread light ☀️

It may not always be easy to spread light and love, especially when you yourself are struggling. This is why we recommend talking to someone about what you are going through. This could either be a loved one, a friend, or a therapist.

Talking to someone you trust is a powerful way to heal. And when you are able to care for yourself, you have the ability, capacity, and energy to give more to others around you. ⠀

At Wellnite, we have therapists and mental health coaches who are available for you to talk to. Click the link below to get started.

For more helpful tips to improve your mental health and well-being, feel free to reach out and speak with our mental health coaches and licensed therapists.


We share free resources on tips for dealing with stress, anxiety, irrational thoughts in our blog. Additionally, we share tips and tools to help you maintain your mental health.

To check them out, click this link to read more helpful articles.


Here at Wellnite, we care about your mental health and well-being. We offer same-day doctor consultation, therapy, and medication all from the comfort of your own home! Your mental health is our priority. Our mission is to make high-quality mental healthcare affordable to everyone.

Our goal is to make mental healthcare accessible to all regardless of insurance coverage or zip code.

We believe that people who struggle with these conditions already go through enough. No one needs the extra challenge of facing off with our complex healthcare system.

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