Kim Castro
November 23, 2021

How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

We all have days when emotions get the better of us.  

Greed or passion can cloud our judgment.   Fear can hinder our decisions.  Happiness and excitement can make us decide impulsively.  

This is all part of being human.  

Emotional intelligence or EQ can provide a significant advantage for mastering our emotions.  Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is just as important as your Cognitive Intelligence (IQ).  

EQ refers to your ability to recognize and regulate emotion and to use social awareness in problem-solving.

  • Recognize, understand and manage our own emotions
  • Recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others

It means being aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people (positively and negatively), and learning how to manage those emotions – both our own and others.  

So, why is it so important to be able to manage our emotions? Managing emotions is especially important in situations when we are under pressure.

Here are some examples:  

  • When we are giving and receiving feedback
  • When we are dealing with challenging relationships
  • When we are dealing with tight deadlines
  • When we are not having enough resources
  • When we are going through change
  • When we are working through setbacks and failure
  • When we are in a heated discussion  

We all go through these different situations in life because it's part of the journey.  Being able to manage our emotions and how we respond is essential in this journey.

The first step is to learn how to identify the emotions you are feeling as well as learn to understand them. If you are able to name the emotion you are feeling, you have a better chance of understanding what you are feeling.  

Here are a few ways to help strengthen and improve your emotional intelligence. ❤❤  

  1. Observe how you react to others
  2. Pause before reacting
  3. Take responsibility for your actions
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others

These skills will help you master inner resolve and will give you perspective on what really matters in life.

Your mental health matters.
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