Kim Castro
January 22, 2022

How to Deal With Change-Related Anxiety

It’s been said that the only thing constant in life is change.

People change, feelings change, circumstances change, things change.

Change can either be small, big, subtle, or sudden. It can sometimes be a breeze and even an exciting thing to go through. But other times, it can be a long, painful, and unexpected process.

Because of these different feelings that people experience when going through change, it can cause stress and anxiety.

Things feel like they are moving incredibly quickly and impossibly slowly at the same time especially with the pandemic and so many social issues around us.

With a new mind-boggling headline splayed across the news every day, it feels like the best and worst are concurrently yet to come.

"Stop worrying" is as pointless of a piece of advice as the actual act of worrying is. So let's dive into some actionable tips to reframe your perspective around change and get out of your own head.

  1. Acknowledge that change is happening.
  2. Realize that change, whether good or bad, can cause stress and anxiety.
  3. Write own what you are feeling and reframe it.
  4. Keep up yor regular schedule as much as possible.
  5. Practice breathing exercises when you start feeling stressed or anxious.
  6. Write down the positives that have come from this change.
  7. Doubt your doubts.
  8. Seek support.

With all of these tips, one of the most powerful ways that can get you through change-related stress and anxiety is by seeking support.

Life is truly a rollercoaster and there will be thousands of ups and downs and changes throughout it.  

Remember, in times of change and uncertainty, you may feel a bit out of control. You may also feel like you are not as productive as you should be or not living up to your expectations for yourself. But remember that you are allowed to do less than what is humanly possible, especially when you are going through changes.

Taking a step back and giving yourself space is healthy, productive, and essential.

True life is lived when tiny changes occur - Leo Tolstoy

Your mental health matters.
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