• Kai An Chee

How Can I Prioritize Self-Care? [Free Downloadable Wallpapers and Self-Carelendar!]

Happy February! Only three days in and who knew the shortest month could feel so long? With low temperatures and grey skies ahead, staying indoors can be a dreary and difficult endeavor. Prioritizing self-care? Maybe it's even hard right to get out of bed to attend that Zoom meeting. I, for one, am tired - of not seeing my family, of missing out on countless job opportunities, of yet another day of intense uncertainly and intense monotony. And while I will continue to wear my mask and to stay at home, I completely understand how each passing hour, day, month can feel like an uphill battle of the mind.

And you know what never fails to makes me feel better?

Free stuff.

This week, we're bringing you a series of downloadable inspirational wallpapers for your desktop and phone as well as a printable self-carelendar to help you prioritize taking care of yourself. So get in there, enjoy, and let us know how you like it! Just drag and drop the wallpapers onto your desktop, or press, hold, and save to photos on your phone. While free might not taste as good as the crepes you would have been having on that trip to Paris you had to cancel this year, it tastes almost as good as the travel-size bag of chips you'd be eating on the plane ride there.

Tag us #wellniteselfcarelendar so that we can celebrate your progress and cheer you on!




Start each day by adding your own intentions and affirmations - and feel free to personalize!

PDF Download HERE:

2_8-2_12 Self-Carelendar
Download PDF • 282KB

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