Kim Castro
September 21, 2021

Five Ways to Find Peace and Calm in a Busy World

We live in a busy, busy, busy world.

How can we find stillness and calm in a noisy world?

Our culture today glamorizes hustling and overworking. We want to have more, more, more. So we tend to work more, more, more.

Sometimes, we find ourselves juggling too many things at the same time and wearing too many hats.   So, how can we find stillness and calm in today's hectic and fast-paced world?

Here are five simple but powerful ways to find stillness and calm in a hectic world.

1. Plan out your day hour-by-hour.

Schedule your to-do's and make time for rest.  If you're easily overwhelmed by all of the tasks you have to do, breaking it down and taking one task at a time might be a good idea for you. ⠀

2. Play a musical instrument or sing.  

Playing a musical instrument or singing can be very therapeutic. Take some time out for yourself to play a musical instrument or sing like no one is listening. Be creative and try to release all expectations of perfection. ⠀

3. Drink hot water.  

This helps to improve the functioning of your Central Nervous System and may help with anxiety as well. You can also try hot tea or coffee. Whichever works for you.

4. Palm-push.  

Put your palms together 🙏 and push for 10-15 seconds. Remember to breathe. Release fully. Helps to ground the body in the physical space around you. ⠀

5. Dance like nobody's watching.  

Put on your favorite song and jump around! After you finish, stand still and breathe deeply.

Finding stillness and calm looks different for each person. The trick is to find what works for you.  

We hope these tips were helpful for you wherever you are in your journey.

Your mental health matters.
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