Paulo Gonzalez
October 10, 2022

2022 Mental Health Day: How to Stay Mentally Healthy During Economic Turmoil as a Business Leader

Mental health is an important part of life for everyone. It is essential that we prioritize keeping our mind healthy.

We all deal with challenges and difficulties differently which causes different outcomes when it comes to how these challenges affect our mental well-being.

Mental health as a founder

As a founder or CEO, you’re tasked with juggling a lot of responsibilities and pressures—all while trying to keep your company successful and growing.

To lead a company successfully is no easy task. This means that it’s even more important for founders and CEOs to prioritize their mental health.

If you feel like your own mental health isn’t what it should be right now, don’t worry! Keeping the balance in life as a leader and entrepreneur can be hard, but with these tips you will succeed.

In this blog post, you will learn about the importance of mental health as a Founder and some of the techniques to keep your mental state positive and balanced.

Business leaders must understand the coping mechanisms

Uncertainty can trigger many mental health issues like depression and anxiety among others. A lot of people think leaders are not affected by uncertainty and other triggers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case - we are all humans and as such we cannot predict the future, ironically we tend to worry too much about it. By not understanding these emotions, we may experience stress, pressures, and anxiety among others. It is crucial to prioritize our mental well-being. Inappropriately reacting or coping with your emotions will most likely have a negative impact on your ability to make the best business and financial decisions. In fact, prioritizing your mental well being and developing the right coping mechanisms can actually make you a leader that makes better financial and strategic decisions. Empathy and self-awareness will likely make your team happier, more productive, and motivated which in return will make you feel you have more energy for your business. Here are a few tips to prioritize your mental health.

Expand your situational perspective

Mastering how to react appropriately to external stressors can greatly improve the odds of success in the currently uncertain market. The economic turmoil pressure is evident and worrying about it all the time will not help when leading and overcoming the challenges posed. Funding scarcity, runaway recommendations, and economic predictions make worries take control over our emotions.

To avoid falling into the trap, expand your situational perspective, understand whether your emotions and reactions are in proportion and aligned to your real situation. When you’re constantly reminded to worry about the future runaway of your company, layoffs, etc. Remember you may be worrying about something you can’t predict nor change so you better learn what’s the best way you should react.

It’s ok to not know the answer and looking after your mental health during these times and situations might be the right decision. By doing so, you could realize the positive impact on the people and things you feel responsible for. It’s always hard to be in touch with our emotions and make good decisions, that’s why mental healthcare professionals exist.

Physical health helps not only physically

Going to the gym, exercising, or dieting - often thought of as physical health.When combined to a work-life balance, and taking care of your sleep, these activities are very powerful mental well-being boosters.

A balanced diet will help, getting 8 hours of sleep per day combined with 15-20 min naps can be a game changer. You will feel more energized which translates to higher motivation, increased empathy and positive social engagement.

Additionally, it’s important to remember life is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget to prioritize your mental or physical health on a bad day—just try to make sure to do better on the next one.

Experience and learn from your emotions, then make decisions

Embrace yourself and prioritize your emotions over short-term business decisions or deadlines. Emotions are actually incredibly important to develop self-awareness and for long-term decision-making processes. It will help not only your mental health but also improve the way you make decisions.

By embracing your emotions and learning from them you will be able to pick up on how you’re feeling when you are facing different situations. Your emotions can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to move forward. If you’re feeling any type of emotion, it’s important to think about why and how you’re feeling this way. Being able to read and understand your emotions is critical to making successful decisions.

Make sure to take time to relax and unwind—whether it’s reading a book, meditating or doing any other activities that allow you to be closer to your feelings and emotions, that will help you with improving your self-awareness and decision-making.

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