Get Online Anxiety Therapy
from the Comfort of Your Home

  • Start feeling like yourself again for less than $4/day first month

  • Monthly video-calls with doctors and therapists (yes, therapy!)

  • Dedicated mental health coaches

  • 30-day supply of medication shipped to your door 

  • Dedicated support, 7-days a week

1. Tell us your story
Answer some confidential questions to help us learn about your symptoms.
2. Talk to a medical doctor
Get a personal evaluation from a US Board Certified Doctor by a video chat.
3. Get a personal treatment plan
Your doctor will map out a plan that includes therapy, follow-ups, and optional medication if you need it. 
4. Follow up each month
Hit your treatment goals with monthly doctor follow-ups call.
If you have questions along the way, our dedicated doctors, therapists and mental health coach are here for you.


Get exceptional mental health care without hidden fees or insurance deductibles

Flexible planning and scheduling to accommodate your lifestyle

Eliminate the need to travel or wait in an office

Change your therapist without any extra costs 

  • Personal treatment plan & support 7 days a week
  • Monthly follow-up video calls with your doctor
  • 90-day supply of one medication type, shipped right to your door 
$45 for the first month
Then pay $75 for succeeding months
For members who are looking for more comprehensive mental healthcare.
  • Includes everything in the Basic plan
  • Video calls with your mental health therapist, twice a week
$100 for the first month
Then pay $195 for succeeding months

Meet our Doctors, Therapists and Mental Health Coaches

Dr. Amy Halanski, MD

A physician first and foremost is a healer. To be a good healer, one must listen to a person's words as well hear the nonverbal communication of their body's symptoms to determine how to help that person "be their best self"

Exceptional Care. Affordable Cost.

Healthcare is frustrating— and expensive. Anyone overcoming depression and anxiety deserves better. Wellnite is your ally through it all. We clear away the complexity so you can focus on your care, and getting exceptional treatment from the comfort of your home. Forget about unexpected costs, traveling distance, or pesky insurance deductibles.

Our members love what we do.

Anthony Christopher G.

"This has been truly a life saving company! Having access to a doctor on my time and someone to talk to supporting my mental health along with access to support at all hours has changed my life. An incredible value for the access of mental health is amazing!"

What if I don’t want to take any medication?

You absolutely don’t have to. For some patients, our doctors recommend antidepressant medication if they judge that the treatment can help. It’s always up to you which treatment option you choose. If you prefer to start smaller with just Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you can always look into medication later.

Who are Wellnite Doctors?

Wellnite Doctors are Board Certified physicians who regularly treat patients for depression and anxiety. We’ll pair you with a doctor who is licensed in your state. Our doctors are passionate about bringing quality medical care to people who need it. We know you’ll have a great experience working with them.

How often would I need to follow up with my Wellnite doctor?

You’ll have monthly doctor follow-ups, just like you would in a traditional setting, but with Wellnite it all takes place over video or phone.

Can I change my treatment if it isn’t working?

Yes, and your doctor will help you do that. During your monthly follow-up calls, you can explain to your doctor if a treatment isn’t working. Your doctor may decide to modify the treatment or change it altogether. If you need to report a side effect or aren’t sure whether you can keep taking your medication, you can text our nurse support line. Support is available 12 hours/day, 6 days/week to help you with all your treatment needs.

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Our goal is to make mental healthcare accessible to all regardless of insurance coverage or zip code.
We believe that people who struggle with these conditions already go through enough. No one needs the extra challenge of facing off with our complex healthcare system. More about us here.
If you are in emotional distress, here are some resources for immediate help:
National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
Call 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line:
Text Home to 741-741
If you’re having a medical or mental health emergency
Call  911 or go to your local ER
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