"Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and during these unprecedented times its ok to feel the need to talk to someone."

- Jotaka L. Eaddy

Mental Health is now more important than ever.

Jotaka and Wellnite are partnering to bring free mental health coaching sessions to everyone in need of support.


Everyone deserves empathy & mental health support. Our professional chat-based messaging sessions have already proven to help a lot of Wellnite members. What they like;
Flexible messaging can happen over the phone, so there's no excuses not to chat.

Easy, appointments can be booked at any time and since it is a chat-based session, it can happen privately anywhere.

On top of that, you have dedicated 30 min. of a top-tier mental health coaching team. Go on try it!

Share & Support Others.

Mental Health Awareness is one of the most important challenges of our times. Ending stigma is vital for our society to keep up and thrive through a fast paced and continuously changing environment. Help us spread the word and create MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS.

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About Wellnite

Our mission is to make high-quality mental healthcare accessible to 
everyone regardless of zip code or insurance coverage. We believe in a 
personalized approach based on science and medical expertise. We make 
it accessible and frictionless for you to take action and overcome anxiety 
and depression.

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