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We'll find you an affordable therapist with the best alternative option to your
co-pay pricing.

Insured  and looking for telehealth therapy with any therapists or psychiatrists? Get discounted pricing and get reimbursed for OON coverage. 


How does it work?


Match With a Therapist and/or Physician

Mental health is frustrating and expensive. We help you find the right treatment from the comfort of your home.


Leverage Your Insurance Plan

The best therapists and physicians at your service. Leverage us and save $200-$300 per session.


Have a Video Call

Join your video calls from the comfort of your home. Avoid commuting, parking and wasted time.

We leverage your insurance benefits 

Mental health care shouldn't be that expensive! See any therapists or psychiatrists you want without worrying about cost or in-network coverage. We'll submit reimbursement back to your insurance company so that you get reimbursed around 50%-100%  for seeing OON therapists and psychiatrists. It doesn't matter if you have United Health, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield or any other health insurance companies. 

"This has been truly a life saving company! Having access to a doctor on my time and someone to talk to supporting my mental health along with access to support at all hours has changed my life. An incredible value for the access of mental health is amazing!"

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Our Members Loves Us

Ariel Elaine Rudy

 always get a quick response. The staff, therapists, and doctors are all so nice and helpful.

Khalil Aqqad

Although the website may be clunky, once signed up the service is phenomenal. Between the helpful texts with support, and the prescribers, I would rate the service a 5 and highly recommend it especially for the cost. I’ve tried many online solutions, many are either expensive or the medication was poor quality, I can safely say you’re in good hands with these individuals.

Sean L

Wellnite is a wonderful service. The customer service of the support team is solid, and doctor Amy is a Saint. She is kind, educates you, and provides insightful feedback. I strongly recommend this service.

Yevgeniy Ilkaninets

Great service from the team, constant on time reminders with real personal behind the text. I get notified ahead of time on things I need to get done or am missing and most importantly they are looking out for you. They texted me letting me know there was a better deal and if I was interested in taking it. I am enjoying the service they make me feel like their are really there for me.

Mary A

I’ve always suffered from depression and anxiety, but once the pandemic hit, it took a turn for the worse. Since starting with Wellnite about a month ago I feel like I’m starting to get some freedom back in my life! I’m much happier and I am able to utilize the tips that my therapists have suggested! I loved both of my therapist from day one meeting them, I felt like I have known them my whole life! My doctor is great as well! Thank you Wellnite for helping me regain happiness and part of my life back!

Katherine Breen

I really needed this site. This site is affordable and fast. The doctor I saw was maybe the most patient and understanding doctor I've talked to in a long time. Healthcare access in our country is a joke but this site makes it that much more accessible for a lot of people I feel like.

Paula Mckay

Stumbled on wellnite in a dark period. My local medical community had a 3 month wait on services wellnite had an appt the next day. In the time I have been dealing with them everyone has been very helpful, very respectful, and quick to resolve the one billing issue I ran into. All in all I highly recommend this company for anyone needing to reach out.

Bennyta Wade

Firstly, I love Dr. Amy Halanski. I can tell she actually cares instead of just throwing meds at me like my last doctor. She gives me hope every chat. You choose whatever plan you need/can afford. You can have your own psychiatrist, mental health coach, AND therapist. Plus getting your medication mailed to your door. What else can you ask for. 

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