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You’re unique and so is your mental health. Get personalized care from our psychiatrists and therapists.

Each session ranges from $55-$120.

Individual Therapy 
Couple/Family Therapy
Teen Counselling 
Get ongoing support from a licensed therapist for myself. 
Get ongoing support from a licensed therapist for me and my partner or for me and my family members. 
Get ongoing support from a licensed therapist for ages 13-17
Get psychiatry medications from licensed psychiatrists

How does it work?


Schedule a Free Initial Consultation Call


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Explore and get personalized mental health treatment options. 

Get matched to a licensed therapist based on your unique needs and schedule.

Start your mental health journey with your therapist and achieve your goals.  

Can I use my insurance?

If you're in PPO plans, your insurance might cover 10% to 100%.
During your free initial consultation, please let us know your insurance carrier and member ID for us to check your eligibility.

How can I be sure that Wellnite is an effective form of therapy and psychiatry care?

Wellnite has helped thousands of members with their mental health. We conducted a research study where PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores decreased while using Wellnite online therapy + psychiatry care.
The PHQ-9 is a nine-item screening questionnaire used to measure depression. The questionnaire has a maximum score of 27, with higher scores indicaing the severity of depression.
The GAD-7 is a screening questionnaire for generalized anxiety disorder. The questionnaire has a aximum score of 21 with higher scroes indicating the severify of anxiety.
The average PHQ-9 before using Wellnite is 16 (moderately severe depression). After using Wellnite, the average PHQ-9 is around 9 (mild depression). The average GAD-7 before using Wellnite is 14 (severe anxiety). After using Wellnite, the average PHQ-9 is around 6 (mild anxiety).

Will my information be kept private?

100%. All of our doctors, nurses, therapists, and support team are all HIPAA certified. HIPAA is a law enacted into U.S. legislation back in 1996. It states that your personal health information is protected between you and your providers. There is an exception if a provider has reason to believe that a person may harm him/herself or another.

How will I communicate with my therapists?

You will communicate with your therapist either via phoen call session or video call session.

Do you offer text and phone support?

Yes, we offer phone and text support 7 days a week from 5am PST (8am EST) to 7pm PST (10pm EST). We are available in 40+ states.

If I don't like my therapist, can I change my therapist?

Of course, simply text us our support number 415-449-7796. This number is for our current members.
If you want to join Wellnite program and need help booking an initial appointment, schedule a free online consultation with our onboarding specialist.

How can I make sure therapy fits into my schedule?

During your intial consultation, our onboarding specailist will match you with a therapist that best fits your schedule. We have therapists available on the weekends, early mornings, late nights and the usual 9am-5pm work hours.

Do you provide medical leave, Emotional Support Animal letter and other forms of documents?

Yes. Please mention that during your free 15 mins call with one of our onboarding specialists.

Who do I call in an emergency?

For acute medical emergencies and/or self-harm emergencies, call 911 or National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Please note that Wellnite is not an emergency service.

Do I need insurance to book an appointment?

Absolutely not! Wellnite is voted as the most affordable mental health platform in United States. We offer sliding scale and affordable pricing. Please reach out to our onboarding specialing during your free intial consultation or call us at 341-888-7637

Do you offer sliding scale?

Yes we do! Please mention that during your free consultation call with one of our onboarding specialists or please call us at 341-888-7637

Our members love what we do.
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"This has been truly a life saving company! Having access to a doctor on my time and someone to talk to supporting my mental health along with access to support at all hours has changed my life. An incredible value for the access of mental health is amazing!"

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