Exceptional Mental Healthcare For Your 


Improve your employees’ morale & performance.

Increase revenue. 

Mental Health Designed for Remote Team

We have a network of licensed doctors, therapists and performance coaches  in multiple states. Your employees can find the right personalized care without leaving their homes or workplace.

We’ll even ship medications directly to their homes.

Tired of providers in your EAP and health plans not being available? We guarantee that your employees will be connected to our providers within 24 hrs. Just send us a slack or text message. 24/7 support.

Reduce employee stress and burnout. We help you create a culture that appeals to your employees and retains top talent. 

Depression causes 200 million lost work days and $44 billion each year to employers.

Wellnite improves your ROI within the first year. Be ready to see more productive employees and reduce your health care spending overall.

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