Romantic Partner Issues

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Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can strengthen relationships. The therapist helps romantic partners communicate their needs and rebuild their bond. Couples may seek therapy if they are concerned about the longevity of their relationship or suffer from recurring issues, such as unresolved conflicts or poor communication styles.

Couples therapists work with both partners to help them identify their needs and feelings, understand each other's perspective and make adjustments to their behavior. Therapy sessions typically involve talking about past conflicts, present desires and future goals. During the process, couples learn how to resolve disagreements and build trust by communicating openly and honestly.

A couples therapist can help partners understand the challenges they face in a relationship and determine whether they're willing to put in the hard work involved in achieving a satisfying union. A couples therapist may also direct spouses toward other resources that can improve communication or facilitate conflict resolution, such as marriage counseling or individual therapy.