Divorce Recovery

Psychiatric, Care, Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Teen (13 and older) Therapy

Divorce is a legal process that formally ends a marriage or marital union. It involves the dissolution of the legal and financial responsibilities and obligations between spouses. Divorce can have significant emotional, social, and financial implications for individuals and their families.

Going through a divorce can be emotionally challenging, and individuals may find it helpful to seek emotional support from friends, family, or therapists. Therapy can provide a safe and confidential space to process the emotions associated with divorce, gain coping skills, and navigate the challenges of co-parenting or adjusting to single life.

Seeking emotional support through therapy or support groups can help you navigate the emotional challenges associated with divorce and assist you in moving forward in a healthy and empowered way.

Divorce recovery refers to the process of healing and rebuilding one's life after a divorce. It involves addressing the emotional, psychological, and practical challenges that arise following the dissolution of a marriage.