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Grief, Loss

Psychiatric Care
Individual Therapy
Couple Therapy
Family Therapy
Teen (13 and older) Therapy


Grief can be experienced as a single event or loss, such as the death of a loved one, divorce or job loss; or by a series of losses that can include health problems, the death of a pet and even the break-up of a relationship.

The grieving process is different from person to person. Most people who are grieving will experience some common symptoms, but they may also have more unusual reactions. It is important not to judge what is "normal" or "abnormal". This is one reason why taking someone along to an appointment with a bereavement counsellor can be helpful.

There are many ways to support someone who has recently been bereaved. Often, just being with them and allowing them to talk freely and openly about their feelings helps enormously. Be patient and don't try to rush them into getting over the loss. Remember that not everyone needs help. Some people find it easier to cope on their own. If you do think someone may need help, you could suggest meeting with a counsellor.

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