To all our fellow Northern California neighbors living with Diabetes

Empathy & Mental Health Support.

Chat-based messaging sessions have already proven to help a lot of Wellnite members. What they like;

  • Flexible messaging can happen over the phone, so there's no excuses not to chat.

  • Easy, appointments can be booked at any time and since it is a chat-based session, it can happen privately anywhere.

  • On top of that, you have dedicated 30 min. of a top-tier mental health coaching team. 

Go on try it!

Donnalyn Velasco

Mental Health Coach

As a mental health coach, I’ve worked with many members who have expressed anxiety and depression all through chat. I encourage them to discuss their emotional needs and past experiences. 


At Wellnite, I listen to our members and ask questions to help them understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives and cope with difficult situations. 


Let's keep in touch!